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September 11, 2013 by mybattlebuddyfitness


I am sure everyone today is going to be blogging about 9/11.  And it makes sense.  For our generation, it is the Kennedy Assassination, or the loss of the Space Shuttle Challenger, a day we will always remember where we were and what we were doing.  And while I could go on and on about my feelings about 9/11, it isn’t quite the focus of this particular blog.

But I do believe that 9/11 has something to teach us all.  It is a lesson we see all the time, with the loss of loved ones, with a health scare.  It is the lesson that life is too short, and you really never know what tomorrow might hold.  Obviously you cannot live every day thinking that it is going to be your last, but you should be living a life where you treasure and cherish every day, where you live life to the fullest, not putting off anything until tomorrow.

From a health and wellness perspective, that means getting down to business.  It means today you put down the donut, you set aside the booze, and you walk out that door and get your sweat on.  It means today you are not going to be afraid to join in on that Body Pump class even though you may look ridiculous.  It means today you are going to set a goal of running your first 5K, even if you have never run in your life.  It means deciding today to do a triathlon even though you are afraid of swimming and cycling.  It means today you decide to cook one meal at home.  It means today you try a new food that is good for you, even if you don’t typically like kale.

Over the weekend I ran a half marathon.  I started running only 7 years ago, mostly because everyone that I knew was running at the time.  I never ran.  Ever.  Even when I was being chased.  But I woke up one morning and decided I was going to run.  I believed I could do it.  And here I am, 7 years later, 7 years older, and running better, faster, and stronger than when I started.  It was a switch, and I flipped it.  It was one day, ONE DAY, that made the difference in who I was and what I was doing and where I am now.  My fastest half marathon yet, and I only plan on getting better, one day at a time.

Or look at Mrs. Meany.  Sure, she is an amazing trainer, she is in wonderful shape, a world class runner, and yet when I asked her to do a triathlon with me, she had to confront fears of swimming in the open water AND biking with other people on the road.  It was a snap decision to live in the now, to live for today and take on a new challenge.  It wasn’t easy, she had to push past her fears to breakthrough to a new level in her own personal fitness.  She believed in herself, believed in making change today.

Believe in today.  Believe in yourself.  Cherish this life enough to live it the best way possible, making yourself into the best possible version of you, every day.

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