Variety is the Spice of Life

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September 4, 2013 by mybattlebuddyfitness

Variety is the Spice of Life


written by Elisabeth Meany


Maybe you’re new to this whole “clean-eating” thing. Or maybe you’re not. Maybe you are bored out of your mind with the same ole’ healthy meals. I know how it goes. You start out gung-ho on making and eating only the most nutritious meals, and then two weeks later you find yourself thinking, “How many other ways can I prepare chicken?” Or, if you’re anything like me, “When the hell do I get a cookie?” Though it is inevitable that you will slip up (and it’s okay when you do), I have found that the best way to combat a complete tumble off the clean-eating wagon is to arm yourself with LOTS of new recipes and new ways to create delicious meals for yourself and your family.

One of the questions that I am most commonly asked is where I get my recipes from. My clients often ask me for recipes that use certain ingredients that they purchased because they knew that the ingredient itself was healthy, but maybe they don’t quite know what to do with the healthy ingredient. I am by no stretch of the imagination a master-chef. I mean, I do okay in the kitchen. Every once in a while I whip something up that surprises me, but for the most part, I think I am just okay. I’m not super creative and I always need a recipe to at least point me in the right direction.

Lucky for me, there is this magical place called…let me give you a hint…you’re already using it…wait for it…THE INTERNET! That’s right kids. Most of my magically nutritious creations come from this amazing information superhighway. There are hundreds and thousands of people out there, who are MUCH better than I am with clean-eating culinary creations, and they are blogging away so that we can reap the benefits. It’s amazing.

I know that finding awesome recipes that are worth trying can be both time-consuming and overwhelming at times. I spend countless of hours each month perusing the internet and magazines and cookbooks, trying to find things that I think will satisfy my nutritional needs and my husband’s taste buds. And of course, I’m always trying to find things that won’t break the bank either. No one wants to have to hunt down a million obscure ingredients only to have them sit in the cupboard unused. I probably try fifty new recipes every year (maybe more) and I would venture to guess that less than ten of them make it into the permanent Meany family dinner rotation. So, needless to say, it’s time-consuming (duh) to stay excited about healthy eating! But in my opinion, it’s totally worth it.

Hopefully you find this post helpful. I have compiled a list of my current favorite blogs and websites to hit up for clean-eating inspiration.

(1) Summer Tomato – In addition to having amazing recipes (I literally feel my mouth start to water as soon as I see her photos), it’s just a great site to peruse for all kinds of healthy living tips.

(2) Ripped Recipes – These are for those of you that are really counting your calories closely and trying to squeeze in as much protein as you can. I’ve found some really great sweet treat recipes on here recently. They update the recipes daily, so there are always new ones coming in.

(3) Foodie Fiasco – First of all, I’m amazed by this blogger. She is super young (15!) and clearly has a real passion for creating some deliciously healthy dishes. When I was 15, I was making Hamburger Helper…She wins. Her Healthy Banana Bread recipe is pretty darn amazing.

(4) Kath Eats Real Food – I love her writing style. The picture are amazing. And, of course, her recipes are great. She even has cocktail recipes! Ummm…yes please!

(5) Dashing Dish – First of all, the design of the site is adorable…I’m bit on aesthetics. I LOVE the “overnight oats” recipes, and she always includes helpful little tips.

(6) Eating Well – An amazing site with a wealth of information. My advice is to not go here unless you’ve got some time to burn…It sucks me in every time. They also have a magazine that you can subscribe to. Sometimes the meals don’t have the lowest caloric value, but they are always composed of super nutritious ingredients and they are super satisfying. Just be sure to check the nutritional info before you dive into a hearty serving!

(7) Paleomg – I’ve blogged about this blog a couple of times before. It’s still one of my favorites for recipes. I don’t eat paleo 100% of the time, but I try to for dinner, at the very least keep grains out of my meal. I’ve never tried a recipe on this site that I didn’t LOVE.

(8) Instagram!! – If you’ve somehow missed the amazing fitness and healthy-living inspiration that Instagram can provide you, then you’ve been seriously missing out. I’ve probably burned a couple hundred hours of time perusing people’s photos looking for awesome things to eat. Search the hashtags for keywords like: cleaneating, fitspo, eatclean, etc. Some of my favorite recipe-creators right now are missk_j6, freshfitnhealthy, and sammybfit. Search for their names and start following them for some great looking recipes.

I truly think that one of the hardest parts of keeping up a healthy-living lifestyle is keeping yourself interested. Let’s be honest – what’s more interesting: a plate of delicious nachos with all the fixings or a plate of chicken salad? But you don’t always have to choke down chicken salad. There are SO many resources out there to help you whip up something delicious AND nutritious.

Don’t give up…Just keep looking!

Please share with us some of your favorite places to go for clean-eating inspiration.

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