Trainers Are Real People Too

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May 1, 2013 by mybattlebuddyfitness



I have grown up around people who are in shape my entire life.  My mom?  Super duper skinny, walks for an hour everyday, eats incredibly healthy, and she is over 60 years old.  My dad?  He was a boxing promoter, spent a ton of time at the gym, strong guy.  My brother?  Long and lean, he has the benefit of the ‘Jewish’ butt, meaning he has no butt.  It never felt like any of them had to work for it. 


Me?  I’m normal.  Not super overweight, not super skinny.  I watch very carefully what I eat, I go to the gym 5-6 days a week, log hours upon hours of cardio, take spin classes, workout with a personal trainer, all to ensure that I don’t get ‘bigger’.  Some days, I feel like it is 100% worth it, when I get to buy new clothes because I am getting leaner.  Other days, I feel like I am wasting my time, like when I cannot catch my breath when I am working out. 


My best friend (who you all already know by now if you have been following this blog) is a personal trainer.  My best friend is also 10 years younger than I am.  It is a lot of work for a 38 year old woman to try to keep up with a 28 year old personal trainer.  Her ‘slow’ run pace is my ‘fast’ run pace.  We can go for an hour and a half to the gym, and then she can come home and work out more.  We can go to a bootcamp class, and I have to do the modified versions of some of the exercises while she is doing the advanced versions.  When your best friend is a personal trainer, you sometimes try to be on your best behavior, wondering if they are judging you for what you eat, for how fast or how slow you are, if you get winded walking up the hill just to get the mail.  I know she probably didn’t know this until reading this post, but I work really hard to try to keep up with her, to make her proud of me. 


I’ve off and on spend the past 4 months living with her as we try to get My Battle Buddy Fitness off of the ground.  And when you share a house with someone, it becomes very hard to hide all of your habits and behaviors.  And when you are working together 10 hours a day, it gets even harder.  Do you know what I have discovered living with a personal trainer? 


They are real people too. 


I always figured that people who were fit had it all figured out, that they were perfectly happy with their bodies, that they ate well all the time, that every day at the gym was the perfect workout.  Turns out she struggles, not in the same way that I struggle, but struggles nonetheless.  My best friend eats things that she knows will make her feel like crap, but she eats them anyway.  And then the next day I hear her complain about being uncomfortable from what she ate.  She gets to the gym and isn’t excited about her run, or finishes her workout and doesn’t have that full on endorphin rush.  She looks at herself in the mirror, and isn’t always happy with what she sees. 


It wasn’t like she was born a super hero with this amazing will power, she isn’t just able to eat whatever she wants without consequence.  She isn’t a goddess in the gym, never breaking a sweat.  My best friend is just like you, just like me, maybe with one small difference: conviction.  She has her ups, she has her downs, but she is committed to a healthy lifestyle, day in and day out. 


Find your own personal conviction to making yourself a better you.  Will that conviction turn you into a personal trainer?  Maybe, if you wanted it to and if you worked at it hard enough.  But that conviction to living a healthy lifestyle will help you weather the storms of plateaus, self-doubt, and frustration is you become a better you. 


UPDATE: So I wrote this blog post back in February before Elisabeth had begun her journey towards the Emerald Cup fitness competition.  I have to say, now that I have spent 2 weeks here living with her, it is even more remarkable the personal conviction that she has towards achieving her fitness goals.  Every morning, she is up at around 5am – either to workout or to train someone else.  She is logging over 3 hours a day at the gym, drinking 2 gallons of water, and consuming somewhere around 1200 calories (that is totally what she eats, not net . . . net is much lower).  Some days are better than others, some days I sense she is ready to scream, other days she is ready to cry, and still other days she is ready to laugh.  And sometimes it is all 3 in one day. 


But still, human like the rest of us.  Just like anyone else on a strict diet / exercise regimen, it is hard.  She struggles.  She doesn’t sleep much.  She is hungry.  She is tired of working out.  But then, she looks in the mirror or at the pictures of her progress, and it sustains her to keep going.  She sees the hard work is paying off.  In just 10 weeks (almost) she has transformed her body and her nutrition.  I have never seen another human being look the way that she does.  You can see each and every muscle in her body, ones that I am sure I workout but never see.  She is down 14 pounds in that amount of time, and has almost no body fat.


12 weeks . . . if you put your mind to it, what could you accomplish in just 12 weeks?  Nothing is impossible.


Mrs. Meany – I am incredibly proud of you.  You are so close – 2 more days!    

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