Things We LOVE About Spring

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April 24, 2013 by mybattlebuddyfitness

Things we love about spring

written by Melissa Eisner & Elisabeth Meany

It has been a long, crazy winter leading into ‘Spring’ (I am still not totally convinced that it is springtime yet, but it is late April, so it must be close if it isn’t already here where you live). Hibernation takes its toll, waking up in the dark and coming home in the dark are major factors to mood, so it is nice to wake up and it is light out, and then come home and still have some rays of sunshine coming down. The trees are in bloom where I am right now, pretty purple and yellow flowers and lovely green buds all over the trees. The birdies are singing up a storm outside my kitchen window. I’d have to say that Spring is one of my favorite times of year. It is a re-birth, what has been dead and dormant is finally coming back to life, ready to start this cycle anew. For us, too, Spring can be a time of re-birth, a chance to start fresh, with a new routine or a new habit.

But I digress. There is so much to love about Spring, so I thought I would share a little list of what I am loving right now:

1) Evening walks – There is nothing like the slightly crisp air to soothe you into your evening power down from the day. With the sun out it is just warm enough to break a sweat, but you can still wear your sweatshirt and long pants. Evening walks allow you to disconnect from the workday, reconnect to this wonderful world around you, and elevate your heart rate enough to kick in your metabolism before you eat dinner. Try to program in a couple of evening walks each week for the next month, going it alone, or with your family, friends, or even your trusty pooch.
2) Farmers’ markets – When I lived in San Francisco, I could do the Ferry Building farmer’s market all year long (one of the upsides to living in California . . . the great weather for farming all the time). But in most other places in the country, year round farmers’ markets are impossible. Right now, I see them popping up all around me, and I love it. Wandering through the aisles and seeing all of the wonderful bounty that the Earth can provide, talking to the farmers to understand more about the food I am going to eat, it is such a treat. I’d suggest finding your local farmers’ market and making a point to go twice a month. Even if you don’t buy anything, it can give you ideas about what is in season for your next trip to the grocery store.
3) Saturday bike rides – I wish I could describe to a non-bike rider the feeling I get when I am out and about on my bike. It is different from walking and running, and very different from being in a car. You see the world in a whole new way. It is great exercise, the push of the pedals to get the bike up hills, and then the exhilarating rush when you cruise down the other side. You can see so much more of the local area when you are on a bike vs. going for a walk or a run. Saturdays are great days for a ride, too. No work pressures, and no stress of going to work the next day. Plus, it is a great activity for your whole family to enjoy. You can trick your kids into exercise with a Saturday fun ride.
4) Spring cleaning – I am a total geek, so I get that not everyone likes this activity, but there is no time like the present for some thorough Spring cleaning. I like to get in and dirty, scrubbing and scraping down every nook and cranny in the house, dusting and mopping and vacuuming. You can really break a sweat when you throw a little bit of elbow grease behind all of that work. Then tackle your fridge and cupboards. I guarantee that during the winter months, not so healthy food items have found their way onto your shelves, or some fresh goods have outstayed their welcome in the vegetable drawer. Empty out all the shelves in the refrigerator, throw out the things that have gone bad, wipe it out, and start fresh with a trip to the grocery store. Then take your non-perishable items that you need out of your house to a local food bank. You can help yourself and help others.


Written by Elisabeth Meany

I feel like spring is just starting to make its appearance here in Fort Leonard Wood. Though this wasn’t a particularly brutal winter for us, it was made longer by some late season snow storms, and as of late, some unseasonably cold temperatures. As I sit here right now, the sun is shining, which gives me hope that our old friend will stick around for a while.

There are so many wonderful things about spring. First off, you’ve made it through another winter, so congratulations. Hopefully by now, you are well on your way to achieving the health and fitness goals that you surely set for yourself at the beginning of the year…Wait, what’s that? You fell off the wagon? What a fantastic time to hop back on! The days are longer, which mean more time to exercise; the weather is nicer, which means more outdoor activities. Soon the kids will be out of school and you can get them into a fitness routine as well. A healthy family is a happy family… I digress.

Some of my favorite things about spring, in no particular order:

(1) Spring fashion—a new season means it’s time to bust out those capris that have been hiding at the back of the closet. I love going through all my clothes at this time of year. It’s part of my spring cleaning process. I take stock of what I haven’t worn since last year and put in a pile to donate. I try on all my old clothes and donate the items that are now too large to wear. The most fun part of this process is when I get to replace these old clothes with new ones! Bright, fun colors, new patterns and fabrics… It’s feels good to refresh your wardrobe.
(2) Picnics and fishing—my husband and I always make a point to pack up our dog, a cooler, and our fishing gear and head outside at this time of year. We aren’t particularly great fishermen, but we are great at packing a picnic, and really, it’s just a great excuse to get outside and enjoy what we’ve been missing all winter.
(3) Outdoor grilling and eating—something about eating a meal off the grill is particularly satisfying to me. I put my husband in charge of the meats (that’s man work), and I take care of the side dishes. I love using spring veggies and fruits to come up with new and exciting combinations in the kitchen. The best is when the temperature is warm enough for us to eat on the porch. I have always said that I can taste food more clearly when I am outdoors. There is nothing like sitting on the porch, with the dog at our feet and enjoying a delicious home-cooked meal together, while dusk settles on the horizon.

I honestly can’t wait for spring to settle in around here. It’s going to mean a lot of outdoor workouts for me and my clients. We’ve been stuck inside for too many months…time to go enjoy!

‘Til next time…

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