Carpe Diem


April 17, 2013 by mybattlebuddyfitness


written by Melissa Eisner

Everywhere I turn this week it seems I am seeing news about Boston.  I have put myself into the last race that I did, the Rattlesnake Triathlon in Denver, and I think about the euphoria that I was feeling as I crossed the finish line, the wonderful sensation of seeing all of finding Elisabeth in the crowd (of course she had crossed long before I arrived), celebrating our accomplishment together.  The thought that someone (or someones) would come along and shatter that moment, bringing such a violent act to something that is quite the opposite, is hard for me to understand.  I suppose that an event like a race is an easy target: lots of people milling about across a long open space, everyone carrying backpacks, it would be impossible to get it completely locked down.  But going after completely innocent individuals who are trying to push the limits of the human spirit, it is deplorable.


Terrorism on US soil … I cannot remember that happening prior to the Oklahoma City bombing, and now it seems like I need to always be vigilant, to always expect the unexpected.  It is acts like these that really get me thinking about life, how I am living it and what I am doing with it.  I mean, the world we are living in isn’t the same place as the one I grew up in.  And right now, I am pretty contented with the life I am leading.  I work hard at my day job, I work even harder at my after-hours job (I love My Battle Buddy Fitness), mostly clean living, and I can do things physically I could never do before (half-marathons, triathlons, 300 mile treks across Northern Spain).


But there are those things on the list that I want to do that I have put off to another day or another time thinking that there will always be that next opportunity to take on this or that challenge.  There were plenty of people in that crowd that, while they didn’t die, lost limbs, making some of their dreams more difficult to make come true.  So here is my list (the fitness part of my overall list), the things I need to prioritize sooner rather than later, because you never know what the future may hold:


1) Do a century ride: I just bought a bike for my first triathlon last year, and I have wondered how I went so long without owning a bike in San Francisco.  I love the feeling of being on my bike, and I have thought that it would be great to do longer distances on a bike.  This has to get done.


2) Run a marathon: So I have been super into heart rate training recently.  I could never have imagined 6 months ago that I would ever be interested in running anything more than a half marathon because I was so wiped out when I was done running.  But now that I have improved my heart condition, I am seriously thinking about a longer race.


3) Walk the entire Camino de Santiago: I have done pieces of the Camino over the past 4 years, but I have not taken the time to walk from start to finish.  It is something I have thought about doing since Graduate School in Wisconsin, and I have loved the parts that I have done, so time to make the time (34 days) to walk the entire thing.


What’s on your list?  There is no time like the present to change yourself.  The world around you is unpredictable, you cannot control it, but you can control how you interact with it.


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