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February 4, 2013 by mybattlebuddyfitness

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Written by guest blogger: Rebecca Brookson

My Addiction to Coke – Coca Cola That Is

Every morning, I’d wake up and couldn’t wait to stop on the way to work for the best Coca Cola ever – McDonald’s! Something about the carbonation process there just makes for the most bubbly deliciousness in a cup. A rather large cup. And then it would be lunch time and I’m off and running to lunch for another Coke. My friend Brian would tease me that my “just one Coke at lunch” would turn into two or three, as I’d have a refill at the table and then bring one back to the office with me. Dinner – out to eat, definitely Coke time. Dinner at home, I would restrain myself and drink milk. But then I’d wake up in the AM again – and start the routine all over.

And then I woke up one day, was getting ready for work, opened my closet sifting through 3 different sizes of pants to get to the outfit for the day. And then it hit me – why did I have 3 sizes of clothes anyway? Why did my scale consistently say I was 30 pounds heavier than I had ever been in my life? What in the world happened in the past 2 years? My daily eating habits were very good for the most part. I wasn’t eating anymore or any less than I had been. My fitness routine hadn’t changed either.

OMG. It’s the Coke isn’t it? When I tallied it up, I was probably drinking 600-800 calories in sugary sodas EVERY DAY. Let’s do the math for a second, at the least that’s about 18,000 more calories a month, or 216,000 more calories in a year – just by drinking a Coke.

Did I mention how much I looked forward to McDonald’s Coke? Does it scare anyone else that I knew where to go for the best Coke? Does it freak anyone else out that I’d actually tell people that I know where to find the best and encourage them to do the same? That I’d actually have conversations about it?


So back to the three sizes of clothes in my closet, and my recent 30 pound weight gain. Feeling sloth like despite the caffination. I know it had to stop. Cold Turkey. I took advantage of being sick, a time where I wasn’t drinking anything other than water as it was. I put the stake in the ground and said, when I feel better again – I will NOT drink Coke anymore. Zero, Zilch. My addiction is such that I know that if I have one more Coke again, I will sneak another and another. Sodas, peace out.

And guess what it worked. I made a goal. Made up my mind that this was not going to overtake my life anymore. I made it my mission to find healthier alternatives, something I would also look forward to drinking. During this mission, I found that I was actually craving the carbonation in soda, so instead I started drinking carbonated water like Perrier or a club soda with a lime. And seriously, it did the trick. Some people love their coffee, while I love my new passion for iced tea, sans sugar of course.

I’m happy to say that I’ve lost all the weight from my Coke habit. It took about a year. And I’m going on my fifth year Coke free. My day is no longer dictated by when I get my next fix or where I get it. I have one size in my closet and the rest of the clothes went to Goodwill of Central Arizona so I am not tempted to go back up a size. My lunch buddy who called me on my Coke denial, is also a tea lover now. My Mom quit the soda too. Instead of sharing the virtues of McD’s soda, I share how much I love China Mist. And by the way, I save a lot more money too!

In the end, I’d love for people to take away the following:
•When you decide that enough is enough, great things can happen
•Tweaking just one or two things in your diet really can make a difference
•When your habit hurts you more than you receive pleasure from it, it’s time to make a serious commitment to change
•Find a healthy alternative to what you crave. And then crave that instead.
•Ditch the 3 sizes of clothes in the closet. Lose the weight and commit to that size.
•Share your goals with those you trust. They will help you so they don’t inadvertently sabotage you. (ie drink iced tea with you at lunch rather than a coke like Brian did)
•Moderation is key to anything – I just knew that I couldn’t be moderate with soda so I had to make the tough choice.
•Feeling healthy kicks feeling slothly and bloated anyday.

Thank you for reading my story. I hope it inspires you to kick the habit that is holding you back from achieving the life you want. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.

Off to drink my mango tea.

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