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December 14, 2012 by mybattlebuddyfitness


Santa's Winter Warmer Workout

Santa’s Winter Warmer Workout

As we all know, navigating through the holidays can be really tricky, especially with regard to our health and fitness goals. While I think that the holidays were once a time of relaxation, a time to spend time with family without the demands of work, I don’t think the same is true for today. I find the holidays to be the most stressful time of year. We still have deadlines to meet at work, finals to study for at school, things to take care of at home (my “laundry fairy” is on permanent strike), and to top it all off, we have to make sure that we’ve purchased the perfect gift for each person on our list. There are suitcases to pack, cookies to be made, bills to pay, trees to be trimmed, and halls to be decked. So, when the heck is there time to workout?!


Even if it’s 15 minutes…SOMEthing is ALWAYS better than nothing.

I already know that in your mind, you justify the missed workouts by convincing yourself that it’s selfish and that other people need your presence much more than the gym does. I have news for you: that’s just not true. Working up a good sweat once a day will ensure that you are a happy elf, not a cranky, bloated elf. We put so much added stress on ourselves during this time of year–it’s no wonder that we find ourselves wearing our “fat pants” come January 1st. If you don’t give yourself an outlet for all that stress, you will bottle it up and it will manifest in an unhealthy activity–I can guarantee it. Whatever your vice is this time of year, whether it’s Christmas sweets, salty snacks, holiday cocktails, or winter beers, I can guarantee that you won’t feel the need to indulge as much if you have another outlet.

This knowledge comes from years of personal experimentation…Sadly, the ONLY conclusion I have come to is the same conclusion I always come to: I MUST WORKOUT!

I am including in this post, a little workout that I put together. This one is designed especially with holiday travel in mind. You don’t need ANY equipment and you hardly need any space. It’s full of some of my favorite go-to moves. If you have questions about what any of them are, feel free to message me or you can google them. As soon as I get my AWESOME new camera up and running (Thanks, Dad!!! You are the BEST!!), I will be able to post videos of yours truly grunting through these workouts (if nothing else, it will be good for a laugh for all of you).

Please be good to yourself this weekend. Remember, Santa hates it when his elves are cranky, so go workout!!

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